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We are a Hamilton blockchain company specializing in blockchain developments. Our services include research, blockchain consultancy, and integration. Our main focus is to assist small to large companies in utilizing the advantages of blockchain protocol. whether by integrating current blockchain ecosystems, with your  product or developing a new protocol that will benefit your day to day business operations

Blockchain can have an impact on many industries. The financial sector, supply chain, public sector and possibly many more. The services that we offer are Consultancy, Blockchain Development and Research Services. Next to these services we provide white-label blockchain solutions ranging from Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to Mobile Wallets.




Decentralized Exchange

Mobile Wallets

Technical  Support

Glibx Inc. Specializing in Blockchain projects

Customer first.

Looking for help? Get in touch with us : Iinfo@glibx.com

New Protocol, Dapps, Coins ++

  • Windows , MacOS, Linux, and Mobile Wallets
  • POS /POW / Master-nodes Feature ++

(DEX )Exchange Development

  • Multiple Micro-services and Api Endpoints (Contact for more info)
  • Gateway Integration of your choosing(prices may vary)