Quick Guide on How to Rank #1 on Google Search Engine

Why is Seo important you ask? Well without search engine optimization (seo) your website or web application is pretty much hidden from the user looking for your type of business or blog.

1. Keyword Research: Target specific Google keywords and review actual statistics.
2. Review Top 3 Websites: Organic websites only, excluding directories such as Yelp.
3. Create a Spread Sheet: Word count, number of photos & videos, page URL and page title.
4. Search & Find: The Number of times the keyword is used on this website page.
5. Competitor Link Building Strategies: Directories, associations, press releases and all backlinks.
6. Compare # of Google Reviews: Reviews are becoming increasingly more important in local SEO rankings.
7. Create a Strategy: Each keyword requires it’s own strategy, original content and a unique website page.

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